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* Removed RTS and DTR handling code since the MC68681 seems to only haveJoel Sherrill1998-06-233-249/+91
* New file describing mc68681 libchip driver.Joel Sherrill1998-06-231-0/+39
* Added numerous comments.Joel Sherrill1998-06-231-15/+72
* Added concept of "mate" -- the other port on the same DUART. This isJoel Sherrill1998-06-233-46/+80
* Added close.Joel Sherrill1998-06-231-4/+28
* Added set attributes and written initialize and first open.Joel Sherrill1998-06-231-78/+236
* Added more registers.Joel Sherrill1998-06-231-0/+11
* Added set attributes prototype.Joel Sherrill1998-06-231-0/+5
* Added NULL entry for setAttributes.Joel Sherrill1998-06-233-2/+7
* Added initial part of iniitialization.Joel Sherrill1998-06-222-8/+36
* Added mc68681 stuff to the makefile.Joel Sherrill1998-06-224-90/+344
* Moved get and set register/data typedefs to this file.Joel Sherrill1998-06-221-4/+14
* Moved set and get Register and Data type defininitions to serial.h.Joel Sherrill1998-06-224-20/+5
* Corrected spacingJoel Sherrill1998-06-221-26/+25
* spacing changesJoel Sherrill1998-06-223-31/+36
* Added comments and corrected spacing.Joel Sherrill1998-06-223-197/+213
* Added a comment and cleaned up spacingJoel Sherrill1998-06-222-50/+63
* Initial version of these files.Joel Sherrill1998-06-223-0/+735
* Initial incarnation of libchip compiles.Joel Sherrill1998-06-134-9/+84
* Base code from ppcn_60x BSPJoel Sherrill1998-06-138-0/+2198