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@@ -45,8 +45,9 @@ Throughout the rest of this manual
<RTEMS_distribution> will be used as the parent of components
within the RTEMS distribution. For persons using the ftp
distribution found on the primary ftp site for RTEMS,
-<RTEMS_distribution> is
+<RTEMS_distribution> are found under this directory
+@uref{}. HTTP access to the
+ftp site is available via @uref{}.
The archive files for RTEMS Release @value{VERSION} are found
under the directory <RTEMS_distribution>. This directory
@@ -56,9 +57,6 @@ patches which may be required for other tools.
The complete source code and documentation set for
the C language implementation of RTEMS is provided.
-Documentation other than this on-line version is available to
-OAR support customers. Please contact OAR for more information.
@node Installation Procedure Unarchiving the RTEMS and GNU Components, Installation Procedure Installing a Cross-Development GNU Toolset, Installation Procedure RTEMS FTP Site Organization, Installation Procedure
@end ifinfo
@@ -69,8 +67,8 @@ Many of the components of the RTEMS release are
The GNU zip package is required to unarchives these files on the
RTEMS ftp site. If this package is not installed, the source
can be found in the files
- or
- It may be
+@uref{} or
+@uref{}. It may be
restored using a command similar to the following:
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@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ This RTEMS release package contains the following general components:
There is a mailing list dedicated to RTEMS. This is
a Majordomo style mailing list and may be subscribed to
-by sending a message to with
+by sending a message to with
the following line as the body:
@@ -191,27 +191,8 @@ The primary ftp site for this library is (
@end ifinfo
@section Documentation
-The RTEMS Documentation Set is provided online at
-as reference information for all levels of RTEMS users. The set includes
-the following documents:
+The RTEMS Documentation Set is provided online at
+as reference information for all levels of RTEMS users.
-@itemize @bullet
-@item C Applications User's Guide
-@item Intel i386 Applications Supplement
-@item Intel i960CA Applications Supplement
-@item Motorola MC68xxx Applications Supplement
-@item Hewlett Packard PA-RISC 1.1 Applications Supplement
-@item SPARC Applications Supplement
-@item Development Environment Guide
-@item Release Notes
-@end itemize
-The RTEMS documentation set is available in alternate formats to
-support customers.
+The RTEMS documentation set is available in HTML, PostScript, PDF, and DVI.
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@include version.texi
@include common/setup.texi
+@include common/rtems.texi
@ifset use-ascii
@dircategory RTEMS On-Line Manual
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@@ -190,71 +190,6 @@ development environment.
@end ifinfo
@subsection RTEMS Problem Reporting
-A problem report is provided at the end of this
-document and may be copied by the RTEMS user. Please fill out
-the form completely to assure a speedy response to the problem.
-In filling out the problem report the following instructions
-@table @code
-@item User Name and Address:
-The full name
-and mailing address of the customer or company where
-correspondence from RTEMS support personnel may be shipped.
-@item Contact Name:
-The name of the person with whom
-RTEMS support personnel will correspond with concerning the
-reported problem.
-@item Telephone Voice/FAX:
-The telephone numbers which
-will enable RTEMS support personnel to reach the designated
-contact name.
-@item Product/Version:
-The RTEMS product and the version that is currently in use.
-@item Target Processor/System:
-The processor and board type that is the target.
-@item Host Computer System:
-The manufacturer and model
-number of the system on which RTEMS has been installed.
-@item Host Operating System/Version:
-The operating system and version under which RTEMS has been installed.
-@c @item Report Type:
-@c Check the most appropriate description of the reported problem.
-@item Customer Impact:
-Indicate the severity of the impact of the reported problem.
-@item Detailed Description:
-A written description of the
-problem including the area of the RTEMS development environment
-where the problem is located and its behavior. Please feel free
-to provide source code listings, makefiles, possible solutions,
-and any other information describing the problem. This
-additional information may be submitted via email or anonymous
-Support, training, ports, and custom development are provided
-by On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR). Correspondence
-regarding any aspect of RTEMS should be addressed as follows
-(magnetic tapes should be marked: DO NOT X-RAY):
-@end table
-On-Line Applications Research Corporation
-4910-L Corporate Drive
-Huntsville, AL 35805
-Voice: (205) 722-9985
-FAX: (205) 722-0985
-@end group
-@end example
+The RTEMS Project uses the GNATS Problem Reporting and Tracking System.
+Instructions for reporting a problem are located at