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@subsection RTEMS Problem Reporting
-A problem report is provided at the end of this
-document and may be copied by the RTEMS user. Please fill out
-the form completely to assure a speedy response to the problem.
-In filling out the problem report the following instructions
-@table @code
-@item User Name and Address:
-The full name
-and mailing address of the customer or company where
-correspondence from RTEMS support personnel may be shipped.
-@item Contact Name:
-The name of the person with whom
-RTEMS support personnel will correspond with concerning the
-reported problem.
-@item Telephone Voice/FAX:
-The telephone numbers which
-will enable RTEMS support personnel to reach the designated
-contact name.
-@item Product/Version:
-The RTEMS product and the version that is currently in use.
-@item Target Processor/System:
-The processor and board type that is the target.
-@item Host Computer System:
-The manufacturer and model
-number of the system on which RTEMS has been installed.
-@item Host Operating System/Version:
-The operating system and version under which RTEMS has been installed.
-@c @item Report Type:
-@c Check the most appropriate description of the reported problem.
-@item Customer Impact:
-Indicate the severity of the impact of the reported problem.
-@item Detailed Description:
-A written description of the
-problem including the area of the RTEMS development environment
-where the problem is located and its behavior. Please feel free
-to provide source code listings, makefiles, possible solutions,
-and any other information describing the problem. This
-additional information may be submitted via email or anonymous
-Support, training, ports, and custom development are provided
-by On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR). Correspondence
-regarding any aspect of RTEMS should be addressed as follows
-(magnetic tapes should be marked: DO NOT X-RAY):
-@end table
-On-Line Applications Research Corporation
-4910-L Corporate Drive
-Huntsville, AL 35805
-Voice: (205) 722-9985
-FAX: (205) 722-0985
-@end group
-@end example
+The RTEMS Project uses the GNATS Problem Reporting and Tracking System.
+Instructions for reporting a problem are located at