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Rework RTEMS licensing discussions.
This now captures historical rationale along with cross-linking code templates with license guidelines. Closes #3962.
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-* The RTEMS `License <>`_. is the typical
- and preferred license.
- * 2- and 3-clause BSD, MIT, and other OSI-approved non-copyleft licenses
- that permit statically linking with the code of different licenses
- are acceptable.
- * GPL licensed code is NOT acceptable, neither is LGPL.
- See `this blog post explanation <>`_.
- for more information.
- * Advertising obligations are NOT acceptable, but restrictions are permissible.
+The RTEMS Project has strict requirements on the types of software licenses
+that apply to software it includes and distributes. Submissions will be
+summarily rejected that do not follow the correct license or file header
+* Refer to :ref:`LicensingRequirements` for a discussion of the acceptable
+ licenses and the rationale.
+* Refer to :ref:`FileHeaderCopyright` for example copyright/license comment
+ blocks for various languages.
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