AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysscore: Clarify CPU_USE_LIBC_INIT_FINI_ARRAY optionHEADmasterSebastian Huber
7 daysscore: Add CPU_USE_LIBC_INIT_FINI_ARRAYKinsey Moore
7 daysChange version to RTEMS 6Sebastian Huber
2020-06-23psxtmtests: Fix test namesSebastian Huber
2020-06-18rtems: Remove RTEMS_MP_NOT_CONFIGURED errorSebastian Huber
2020-06-18i386/pc: Initialise the printk serial port on first useChris Johns
2020-06-17bsps/i386/pc386/start/*.S: Remove space before tabJoel Sherrill
2020-06-11bsp/pc386: Disable interrupt nesting for job handlerJan Sommer
2020-06-11smpsignal01: Change state before sending the signalJan Sommer
2020-06-11bsps/pc386: Separate smp API functions. Makes smpfatal08 linkJan Sommer
2020-06-11bsps/pc386: Fix Clock_isr for SMPJan Sommer
2020-06-11bsp/pc386: Define interrupt stack frame for smpJan Sommer
2020-06-11bsp/pc386: Update context switch and restoreJan Sommer
2020-06-11bsp/pc386: Update GDT to work for SMPJan Sommer
2020-06-11bsp/pc386: Turn start16.S into a startAP.SJan Sommer
2020-06-11bsp/pc386: Fix Makefile for building with SMPJan Sommer
2020-06-06tests for fenv.h functionsEshan dhawan
2020-05-27arm: Fix ARMv7-M exception handlerSebastian Huber
2020-05-12posix: Get real priority in pthread_getattr_np()Sebastian Huber
2020-05-08libtests/tar01: Remove files of tar01.tar archiveSebastian Huber
2020-05-07termios: Replace rtems_termios_isig_status_codeSebastian Huber
2020-05-07libtests/tar0[12]: Add tar archiveSebastian Huber
2020-05-06testsuite: Add expected-fail to beagleboneblackChris Johns
2020-05-06testsuite: Add expected-fail to xilinx's zedboard, a9_qemu, zc702 and zc706Chris Johns
2020-05-06testsuite: Add expected-fail to psimChris Johns
2020-05-06libdl: Add allocator check scriptChris Johns
2020-05-06testsuite: Add expected-fail to erc32, leon2, and leon3 BSPsChris Johns
2020-05-06testsuite: Add the BSP architecture to the include pathChris Johns
2020-05-06score: Update _Copyright_NoticeSebastian Huber
2020-05-06rtems: Deprecate _Copyright_NoticeSebastian Huber
2020-05-06rtems: Add rtems_get_copyright_notice()Sebastian Huber
2020-05-06rtems: Deprecate <rtems/system.h>Sebastian Huber
2020-05-06rtems: Deprecate RTEMS_MAXIMUM_NAME_LENGTHSebastian Huber
2020-05-06rtems: Deprecate use of _RTEMS_versionSebastian Huber
2020-05-06Use rtems_get_version_string()Sebastian Huber
2020-05-06libtest/dl09: Test trampolines only when supportedChris Johns
2020-05-05testsuite/dl06: Add a local define to control tracingChris Johns
2020-05-05libdl/rap: Correctly check the return enum from rela callsChris Johns
2020-05-05libdl/obj-comp: Add trace prints when decompressingChris Johns
2020-05-05libdl/obj-cache: Fail if the read offset is past the file lengthChris Johns
2020-05-05libdl/obj: Fix RAP format call table.Chris Johns
2020-05-05libdl/sparc: Print trace message of reloc failture pathChris Johns
2020-05-05libdl: Fix comment.Chris Johns
2020-05-01rtems-bsps: Add markdown supportChris Johns
2020-04-29libtests/heapwalk: Fix for RTEMS_DEBUGSebastian Huber
2020-04-28doxygen: Switch @brief and @ingroupSebastian Huber
2020-04-28libdl/mips: Fix MIPS16hi/lo relocation support.Chris Johns
2020-04-27README: Fix the rtems.git lineChris Johns
2020-04-20bsps/arm: Fix uninitialized value in generic timerChristian Mauderer
2020-04-17sapi: Add param check to rtems_extension_create()Sebastian Huber