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2020-09-23or1k: Do not use printk() for _CPU_Fatal_halt()HEADmasterSebastian Huber
Debug output can be added to user-defined fatal error handlers.
2020-09-23or1k: Remove superfluous includesSebastian Huber
Including <stdio.h> in <rtems/score/cpu.h> breaks libbsd.
2020-09-23bsps/riscv: Add bsp_fdt_map_intr()Sebastian Huber
This function is required by libbsd.
2020-09-23libmisc/capture: Add rtems-trace-buffer-default.c to the autotools buildChris Johns
2020-09-23cpukit/rtems: Add taskconstruct.c to the autotools buildChris Johns
2020-09-22rtems: Install missing header fileSebastian Huber
Update #3053.
2020-09-21bsp/gen83xx: Add missing source fileSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-20bsps/powerpc: Remove __ppc_generic defineSebastian Huber
Do not force BSPs to define __ppc_generic. This was probably the last command line define in the BSPs.
2020-09-20bsp/motorola_powerpc: Remove obsolete GCC optionSebastian Huber
commit 20c89ab7c5091ee48535392cae2177aa1a1c43eb Author: Segher Boessenkool <> Date: Fri Jan 12 21:50:52 2018 +0100 rs6000: Remove -mstring -mstring is only enabled by default on 601, and with -Os on some configurations. It is almost always slower (than not using it) and does not very often lead to smaller code. This patch disables it. If a user uses -mstring he gets a warning (but not with -mno-string). I left the target attribute in place, it just doesn't do anything anymore. The patch also deletes a whole bunch of code. The 'N' and 'O' output modifiers are now unused, but now is not the time to delete them.
2020-09-20bsps/powerpc: Remove -fno-commonSebastian Huber
Remove -fno-common because it is the default since GCC 10.
2020-09-20capture: Move default trace dataSebastian Huber
Provide the default trace data in a separate file to avoid issues on targets with a small-data area. Close #3883.
2020-09-20build: Fix linker pathSebastian Huber
Use -B for the linker since some architectures use extra start files defined by the GCC specification and provided by the BSP, for example powerpc. Start files are not found by -L. In the long run, the GCC defined start files should be provided by GCC. This is a GCC 11 topic. Update #3818
2020-09-18score: Document _Scheduler_Try_to_schedule_node()Sebastian Huber
2020-09-18rtems: Generate <rtems.h>Sebastian Huber
Change license to BSD-2-Clause according to file history and documentation re-licensing agreement. Update #3053. Update #3899. Update #3993.
2020-09-18rtems: From <rtems.h> to <rtems/rtems/mp.h>Sebastian Huber
Move multiprocessing related definitions to <rtems/rtems/mp.h>. This makes <rtems.h> an include only header file.
2020-09-18rtems: From <rtems.h> to <rtems/rtems/types.h>Sebastian Huber
Move type related definition to <rtems/rtems/types.h>. The goal is to make <rtems.h> an include only header file.
2020-09-18rtems: From <rtems.h> to <rtems/rtems/tasks.h>Sebastian Huber
Move task related declarations and definitions to <rtems/rtems/tasks.h>. The goal is to make <rtems.h> an include only header file.
2020-09-18rtems: From <rtems.h> to <rtems/rtems/object.h>Sebastian Huber
Move object related declarations and definitions to <rtems/rtems/object.h>. The goal is to make <rtems.h> an include only header file.
2020-09-18rtems: Move from <rtems.h> to <rtems/config.h>Sebastian Huber
Move configuration related declarations and definitions to <rtems/config.h>. The goal is to make <rtems.h> an include only header file.
2020-09-18score: Improve Scheduler Handler documentationSebastian Huber
2020-09-18gitignore: ignore top-level ini filesGedare Bloom
2020-09-18doxygen: Wrap long linesSebastian Huber
2020-09-17rtems: Fix typoSebastian Huber
Update #3959.
2020-09-17validation: rtems_task_construct() errorsSebastian Huber
This is the first test case generated from a specification item in the rtems-central repository. Update #3959.
2020-09-17validation: Add general purpose test suiteSebastian Huber
Add a general purpose test suite for validation tests. This is the first test suite generated from a specification item in the rtems-central repository. Update #3959.
2020-09-17doxygen: Move top-level group definitionsSebastian Huber
Update #3959.
2020-09-17rtems: Add rtems_task_construct()Sebastian Huber
In contrast to rtems_task_create() this function constructs a task with a user-provided task storage area. The new directive uses a configuration structure instead of individual parameters. Add RTEMS_TASK_STORAGE_SIZE() to calculate the recommended size of a task storage area based on the task attributes and the size dedicated to the task stack and thread-local storage. This macro may allow future extensions without breaking the API. Add application configuration option CONFIGURE_MINIMUM_TASKS_WITH_USER_PROVIDED_STORAGE to adjust RTEMS Workspace size estimate. Update #3959.
Add this application configuration option. This configuration option can be used to reserve space for the dynamic linking of modules with thread-local storage objects. Add RTEMS_TASK_STORAGE_ALIGNMENT to define the minium alignment of a thread-local storage size. Update #4074.
2020-09-17rtems: Add RTEMS_ALIGN_UP()Sebastian Huber
Update #3959. Update #4074.
2020-09-17rtems: Add RTEMS_ALIGN_DOWN()Sebastian Huber
Update #3959. Update #4074.
2020-09-17build: Allow test program item UIDs with a "-"Sebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-17build: Fix mghttpd01 test excludeSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-17libtest: Fix T_thread_switch_record()Sebastian Huber
If RTEMS_DEBUG is not defined, then we have to explicitly set the node off the chain. Update #3199.
2020-09-17riscv: Make sifive_test finisher 4 bytesHesham Almatary
QEMU is now stricter with MMIO sizes and accesses. uintptr_t on RV64 is 8 bytes and generates an sd instruction that Store/AMO faults because sifive_test MMIO expects 4 bytes accesses.
2020-09-17build: Fix dependencies for start and asm filesSebastian Huber
Add a feature to enforce an explicit target file for assembler sources. Add a build start file node list and use it as a test program dependency. The fix for #3846 and #4080 needs to be combined, because the fix for #3846 requires the removal of 'before=["cstlib"]'. This patch fixes two issues: 1. The tracking of start file dependencies. 2. Reflect that executables depend on the start files. We need a start.o file in the right path so that the linker can find is as specified by the linker script, and not for example a start.S.17.o file in some path. This part is addressed by the "explicit_asm_target" feature. This build process extension @after("apply_link") @feature("cprogram", "cxxprogram") def process_start_files(self): if getattr(self, "start_files", False): self.link_task.dep_nodes.extend(self.bld.start_files) addresses 2. Close #3846. Close #4080.
2020-09-17bsps/arm: Use RTEMS_SECTION()Sebastian Huber
2020-09-17arm: Fix arm_cp15_set_translation_table_entries()Sebastian Huber
In a multi-processor system we must broadcast the TLB maintenance operation to the Inner Shareable domain to ensure that the other processors update their TLB caches accordingly. Close #4068.
2020-09-15build: Fix multiple defintion error for i386/pc386Sebastian Huber
Make the objcopy an bld.objects() task generator. Close #4079.
2020-09-15bsp/pc386: Remove support for obsolete BinutilsSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-15build: Fix i386/pc386 link of SMP start fileSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-15build: Add RELOCADDR to i386/pc386 optionsSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-15build: Fix i386/pc386 ABI flagsSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-15build: Fix i386/pc386 with SMP enabledSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-15bsps/riscv: Use far jump to boot_card()Sebastian Huber
Use a far jump to avoid errors like this: relocation truncated to fit: R_RISCV_JAL against symbol `boot_card'
2020-09-14irqs01/smpirqs01: New testsSebastian Huber
Close #4034.
2020-09-14build: Use Python tarfile instead of paxSebastian Huber
This patch is for the new build system.
2020-09-14build: Alternative build system based on wafSebastian Huber
Update #3818.
2020-09-12i386/score: fix assembly mnemonicGedare Bloom
Closes #4076.
2020-09-11Remove tmoverhd which existed to produce the obsolete coverhd.hJoel Sherrill
Closes #4040.
2020-09-11score: Fix _Thread_Initialize()Sebastian Huber
Fix an error cleanup path in SMP configurations to avoid a NULL pointer access. Update #3959.