BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
initialInitial import.Joel Sherrill11 years
masterMakefile: Remove reference to covoarJoel Sherrill4 years
basecommit 6480e09a86...Joel Sherrill11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-03-22Makefile: Remove reference to covoarHEADmasterJoel Sherrill
2016-03-22Remove covoar from rtems-testing. Moved to rtems-tools months ago.Joel Sherrill
2016-03-19bit_rtems: Disable C++ on architectures it is broken onJoel Sherrill
2016-03-19sim-scripts/.gitignore and rtems/.gitignore: Add filesJoel Sherrill In wrong repoJoel Sherrill
2016-03-18merge-helpers: Delete old CVS based scriptsJoel Sherrill
2015-12-19avr/avrtest: Remove avrtest references.Ralph Holmes
2015-12-14sim-scripts: Add 4.12 detectionJoel Sherrill
2015-12-14gcc/test_driver remove m32r lineGedare Bloom
2015-12-14rtems/bit_all_bsps: Remove genmongoosev referenceAun-Ali Zaidi