AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-22Makefile: Remove reference to covoarHEADmasterJoel Sherrill
2016-03-22Remove covoar from rtems-testing. Moved to rtems-tools months ago.Joel Sherrill
2016-03-19bit_rtems: Disable C++ on architectures it is broken onJoel Sherrill
2016-03-19sim-scripts/.gitignore and rtems/.gitignore: Add filesJoel Sherrill In wrong repoJoel Sherrill
2016-03-18merge-helpers: Delete old CVS based scriptsJoel Sherrill
2015-12-19avr/avrtest: Remove avrtest references.Ralph Holmes
2015-12-14sim-scripts: Add 4.12 detectionJoel Sherrill
2015-12-14gcc/test_driver remove m32r lineGedare Bloom
2015-12-14rtems/bit_all_bsps: Remove genmongoosev referenceAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-14m32r: Remove m32rsim referencesAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-13h8300: Remove h8sim referencesAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-13rtems/bit_all_bsps: Remove gp32 referenceAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-12rtems/bit_all_bsps: Remove gba referenceAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-11rtems/bit_all_bsps: Remove nds referenceAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-09rtems/bit_all_bsps: Remove ep1a referenceAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-08rtems/bit_rtems: Remove reference to score603e.Ralph Holmes
2015-12-08rtems/bit_rtems and bit_all_bsps: Remove mvme136 referenceAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-12-08rtems/bit_all_bsps; Remove sim68000 referenceAun-Ali Zaidi
2015-09-25Update environment READMEAurelio Remonda
2015-09-25Enable Rtems tests samplesAurelio Remonda
2015-09-18dejagnu: Add rtems-arm-realview_pbx_a9_qemu.expSebastian Huber
2015-09-03gcc/rundeja: Add TARGET_BOARD_OPTSSebastian Huber
2015-09-03gcc/do_one: Enable C99 formatsSebastian Huber
2015-09-03gcc/do_one: Disable LTOSebastian Huber
2015-09-03gcc/do_one: Disable C++ PCHSebastian Huber
2015-09-03sim-scripts/ No kill generic exitsSebastian Huber
2015-09-03gcc: Add realview_pbx_a9_qemu supportSebastian Huber
2015-09-03gcc/do_one: Adjust $PATHSebastian Huber
2015-09-03rtems/bit_rtems: Enable SIMSPARC_FAST_IDLESebastian Huber
2015-07-16sim-scripts/ Update command line to new qemuJoel Sherrill
2015-05-26rtems-tester: add epiphany-run.mcHesham ALMatary
2015-05-17cut_release: Obsoleted by release.shJoel Sherrill Tested on a second repository. White space at EOL removed.Joel Sherrill Correct comment for clean upJoel Sherrill Add helper advice on clean up after an errorJoel Sherrill Add structure for repository specific actionsJoel Sherrill check for dot (graphviz)Gedare Bloom refactor checks for executable dependenciesGedare Bloom check for mscgenGedare Bloom error checkingGedare Bloom fix typoGedare Bloom error-check for doxygenGedare Bloom use git branch instead of git status to determine current git branchGedare Bloom New release scriptJoel Sherrill
2015-04-19user.cfg: Enable C++ and TCP/IPJoel Sherrill Add or1kJoel Sherrill
2015-04-19renanme or1ksim BSP to generic_or1kHesham ALMatary
2015-04-05lm32_evr: FixJoel Sherrill
2015-04-05tsim-support: Adjust maximum execution timesJoel Sherrill