AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-15Test commit for Buildbot.HEADmasterAmar Takhar
2015-12-14Add Unity e8662ae1cAmar Takhar
2015-12-13Move the score MP headers.Amar Takhar
2015-12-13Move the rtems MP headers.Amar Takhar
2015-12-13Fix uuid.h include.Amar Takhar
2015-12-13Fix waf build for the latest changes.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Move headers required by i386 SMP support.includeAmar Takhar
2015-12-11Stage 4: Add header includers.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Stage 3: Add duplicate header pointers.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Stage 2: Move duplicate header source.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Stage 1: Move single headers.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add imports to base module.fixAmar Takhar
2015-12-11Add documentation.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Move tag_map -> to solve circular dependency.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add function to get list of options with optional category.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Move tag map to a central location with some cleanups.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Turn RTEMS Config into a real library.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Remove dependency on default options and add RTEMSConfig class.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add helper function for adding options.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add TODO file.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Rename rtems_config to py.waf and py.config where appropriate.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Change rtems_waf -> py in .gitignore.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add py/__init__.pyAmar Takhar
2015-12-11Move rtems_waf/ to py/ This may be renamed in the futureAmar Takhar
2015-12-11Enable fatal checking for tags.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11populated options with group tagsAnand Krishnan
2015-12-11Add tag stubs.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add support for tags in options.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Ensure '--target' works, for example 'waf --target=rtems-bin2c'Thomas Nagy
2015-12-11Simplified the creation of context instancesThomas Nagy
2015-12-11Removed ctx.cpu and ctx.counter class attributes since they should be context...Thomas Nagy
2015-12-11Do not include config.cfg in archives from 'waf dist'Thomas Nagy
2015-12-11Allow for different tool versions.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Bump version to 5.0.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add VERSION and APPNAME so 'waf dist' works correctly.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add TODO for option/section warnings.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Fail if an option is missing in config.cfg that is required.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Run configure automatically when config.cfg is modifiedThomas Nagy
2015-12-11Add an option for system header dependencies.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Print name of file written.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Re-add for automatic documentation generation.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Execurte rtems4.11-ld through ctx.cmd_and_log to improve portability (encodin...Thomas Nagy
2015-12-11Disable execution in conf.check_define (cannot run sparc binaries on freebsd ...Thomas Nagy
2015-12-11Copy files without 'cp' in the build so that it works on WindowsThomas Nagy
2015-12-11Add a hack for SIZEOF_BLKSIZE_TAmar Takhar
2015-12-11Add arm/raspberrypi.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add beagle BSPsAmar Takhar
2015-12-11Fix m68k/mcf5235 BSP.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Add missing config.h.Amar Takhar
2015-12-11Fix sparc/leon3.Amar Takhar