AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-28rtems: Add new clock manager directivestimecounter-2021Sebastian Huber
2021-10-28score: Add _Timecounter_Set_NTP_update_second()Sebastian Huber
2021-10-28score: Optimize timehand updates for non-SMPSebastian Huber
2021-10-28score: Port large time delta support to RTEMSSebastian Huber
2021-10-28score: Initialize timehand generation to UINT_MAXSebastian Huber
2021-10-28kern_tc.c: Scaling/large delta recalculationSebastian Huber
2021-10-28Remove "All Rights Reserved" fromEd Maste
2021-10-28kern: clarify boot timeWarner Losh
2021-10-28Make kern.timecounter.hardware tunableKonstantin Belousov
2021-10-28Add ddb 'show timecounter' command.Konstantin Belousov
2021-10-28Changes that improve DTrace FBT reliabilityRobert Watson
2021-10-28Remove double-calls to tc_get_timecount()Konstantin Belousov
2021-10-28Mark more nodes as CTLFLAG_MPSAFEPawel Biernacki
2021-10-28Consolidate read code for timecountersKonstantin Belousov
2021-10-28Remove duplicated empty lines from kern/*.cMateusz Guzik
2021-10-28Initialize timehands linkage much earlier.Konstantin Belousov
2021-10-28Make timehands count selectable at boottime.Konstantin Belousov
2021-10-28Instead of using an incomplete list of platformsOlivier Houchard
2021-10-28Create a new macro for static DPCPU data.Andrew Turner
2021-10-28tc: bcopy -> memcpyMateusz Guzik
2021-10-28Move most of the contents of opt_compat.hBrooks Davis
2021-10-28score: Remove FreeBSD identifierSebastian Huber
2021-10-28Use atomic_load(9) to read ppsinfo sequence numbers.Konstantin Belousov
2021-10-28SPDX: use the Beerware identifier.Pedro F. Giffuni
2021-10-28score: Introduce CPU budget operationsSebastian Huber
2021-10-27score: Fix SMP EDF priority group orderingSebastian Huber
2021-10-27score: Add node to insert to Chain_Node_orderSebastian Huber
2021-10-27score: Rework idle handling in SMP schedulersSebastian Huber
2021-10-27score: Add SMP scheduler make/clean stickySebastian Huber
2021-10-27score: Add SMP scheduler idle exchange callbackSebastian Huber
2021-10-27score: Optimize SMP EDF move to ready operationSebastian Huber
2021-10-27score: Rework affine ready queue handlingSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Use extract from scheduled callbacksSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Remove return value from enqueue scheduledSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Scheduler insert after moveSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Add missing idle thread exchangesSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Add missing idle thread releasesSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Simplify _Scheduler_Exchange_idle_thread()Sebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Change _Scheduler_Try_to_schedule_node()Sebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Not set CPU in _Scheduler_Use_idle_thread()Sebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Rename _Scheduler_Set_idle_thread()Sebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Add red-black tree append/prependSebastian Huber
2021-10-25sptests/sp69: Remove test caseSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Move code block to separate functionSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Do not shadow lock_context local variableSebastian Huber
2021-10-25rtems: rtems_rate_monotonic_get_status()Sebastian Huber
2021-10-25rtems: Regenerate for IDLE task allocator optionSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Fix typoSebastian Huber
2021-10-25rtems: Fix rate monotonic statisticsSebastian Huber
2021-10-25score: Optimize default idle task stack allocatorSebastian Huber