AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-23Avoid "install -t" in RTEMS MakefileHEADmasterSebastian Huber
2015-05-19rtems_yaffs: RTEMS API changes (fsmount_me_h)Sebastian Huber
2015-01-22rtems_yaffs: RTEMS API changes (node_type_h)Sebastian Huber
2014-06-06rtems_yaffs: RTEMS API changes (chmod)Sebastian Huber
2014-05-06rtems: Use off_t instead of __loff_tSebastian Huber
2013-01-11rtems_yaffs: Add dev field to OS contextSebastian Huber
2012-10-09rtems_yaffs: Update due to RTEMS API changesSebastian Huber
2012-05-15rtems_yaffs: Update due to RTEMS API changesSebastian Huber
2012-05-14rtems_yaffs: don't set offset when write fileXiangfu
2012-05-14Update rtems_yaffs due to rtems rtems_libio_tt changedXiangfu
2012-03-13Update due to API changesSebastian Huber
2012-03-13Change mode of root and lost+found directorySebastian Huber
2012-02-24Remove fpathconfSebastien Bourdeauducq
2011-12-28remove hardcode app name for nor-mkyaffs2imageXiangfu Liu
2011-12-28fix the redefined warningXiangfu Liu
2011-12-28Merge branch 'upstream'Xiangfu Liu
2011-12-16Have updated yaffs direct tests and added README files to the tests.Timothy Manning
2011-12-08Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Manning
2011-11-09Build with debug symbolsSebastien Bourdeauducq
2011-09-22Fixed return value of ycb_file_lseek().Sebastian Huber
2011-09-21Fixed double offset update.Sebastian Huber
2011-09-21Remove dependencies on sys/stat.h when yaffs provides values.Charles Manning
2011-09-14Merge branch 'master' of Huber
2011-09-14C++ compatibility.Sebastian Huber
2011-09-13rename rtems-mkyaffs2image to nor-mkyaffs2imageXiangfu Liu
2011-09-13add rtems-mkyaffs2image supportXiangfu Liu
2011-09-08Flush during close (similar to yaffs_close()).Sebastian Huber
2011-09-07Use UNIX time instead of seconds since boot.Sebastian Huber
2011-09-07Changed seek mechanic.Sebastian Huber
2011-09-07Check the device read-only property during mount.Sebastian Huber
2011-09-07Implemented data synchronization.Sebastian Huber
2011-09-07Avoid NULL pointer access.Sebastian Huber
2011-09-07Moved memory management.Sebastian Huber
2011-08-15Fix python wrapper pointer typesCharles Manning
2011-08-15Mods for Linux 3.0 and fix a typoCharles Manning
2011-08-05Add yaffs_utime and related codeCharles Manning
2011-08-05Add summary code to python tester MakefileCharles Manning
2011-07-30Add memory managementSebastien Bourdeauducq
2011-07-30Compile needed yaffs_summarySebastien Bourdeauducq
2011-07-30Remove references to non-existing bitsSebastien Bourdeauducq
2011-07-30added missing fileSebastien Bourdeauducq
2011-07-22RTEMS support patch by Sebastian HuberSebastien Bourdeauducq
2011-06-28yaffs: Fix typo in mkyaffsimageCharles Manning
2011-06-10Fix type cacl -> calcCharles Manning
2011-05-19yaffs: Add utils header fileCharles Manning
2011-05-19yaffs: Fix compilation of utilsCharles Manning
2011-05-13yaffs: Fix to handle Kconfigs properly.Charles Manning
2011-04-28Merge branch 'block-summary' of ssh:// Manning
2011-04-28yaffs: Change disable-summary option to be consistent with othersCharles Manning
2011-04-28yaffs: Add summary code to kernel MakefileCharles Manning