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* posix support initially addedJoel Sherrill1995-09-2621-60/+60
* Minor bug fixes to get all targets compilable and running. TheJoel Sherrill1995-09-192-169/+50
* The word "RTEMS" almost completely removed from the core.Joel Sherrill1995-09-1129-204/+519
* Added unused priority ceiling parameter to rtems_semaphore_create.Joel Sherrill1995-08-287-32/+62
* Moved _Thread_Information -> _RTEMS_tasks_Information.Joel Sherrill1995-08-231-0/+19
* Support for variable length names added to Object Handler. This supportsJoel Sherrill1995-08-2317-44/+188
* fix broken RCS Ids -- $ accidentally lost merging changes earlierJoel Sherrill1995-08-227-7/+7
* Numerous miscellaneous features incorporated from Tony BennettJoel Sherrill1995-08-172-35/+52
* Id reinsertedJoel Sherrill1995-08-171-1/+1
* no limit removedJoel Sherrill1995-08-171-4/+3
* bug fixes to make macro implementations workJoel Sherrill1995-08-167-13/+13
* Initial revisionJoel Sherrill1995-05-1126-0/+4928