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2021-09-21build: Remove old build systemSebastian Huber1-189/+0
2013-06-29make: Use C flags for C++ as defaultSebastian Huber1-2/+2
2013-02-13make: Add default flagsSebastian Huber1-7/+4
2013-02-13make: Add CPPFLAGSSebastian Huber1-0/+2
2013-02-13make: Remove -Wno-unused flag for debug variantSebastian Huber1-1/+1
2013-02-13make: Remove -g flagsSebastian Huber1-3/+3
2013-02-13make: Remove -qrtems_debug flag usageSebastian Huber1-3/+3
2012-05-11Remove All CVS Id Strings Possible Using a ScriptJoel Sherrill1-2/+0
2011-12-082011-12-08 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill1-3/+1
2011-03-092011-03-08 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill1-2/+2
2008-09-182008-09-18 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill1-12/+0
2008-09-092008-09-09 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill1-17/+1
2003-06-062003-06-06 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-17/+8
2002-11-182002-11-17 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill1-7/+6
2002-11-132002-11-13 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-2/+2
2002-11-122002-11-12 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-4/+7
2002-09-132002-09-13 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill1-77/+2
2002-05-012002-04-24 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill2-15/+0
2002-03-282002-03-27 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-1/+0
2002-01-222002-01-21 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
2002-01-062002-02-05 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-1/+2
2001-05-082001-05-07 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-11/+3
2001-04-262001-04-26 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
2000-06-12Patch from John Cotton <>, Charles-Antoine GauthierJoel Sherrill1-2/+12
2000-06-12Merged from 4.5.0-beta3aJoel Sherrill2-11/+16
2000-04-13Patch rtems-rc-4.5.0-13-cvs.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>.Joel Sherrill1-0/+2
2000-02-08Patches rtems-rc-20000204-0.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-16/+0
1999-11-23Miscellaneous patches from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-2/+3
1999-11-22Patch rtems-rc-19991117-4.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-7/+7
1999-11-16Patch rtems-rc-19991105-1.diff.gz from Ralf CorsepiusJoel Sherrill1-14/+9
1999-10-26Removed all references to HOST_ARCH including the file AllJoel Sherrill2-209/+0
1999-10-04Patch from Ralf Corsepius <> to make fix bugJoel Sherrill1-5/+5
1999-10-04Removed generated from Makefile.amJoel Sherrill1-287/+0
1999-10-04Regenerated.Joel Sherrill1-5/+6
1999-09-07Applied patch rtems-rc-19990820-6.diff.gz fromJoel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-08-23Removed need for use of separate include/networking directory.Joel Sherrill1-7/+3
1999-08-06Patch rtems-rc-19990709-6-diff from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill2-6/+4
1999-07-30 Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-0/+2
1999-07-26 Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-12/+0
1999-07-26This is part of a major patch from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill3-0/+517
1999-05-07Added rules to handle alternate suffixes for C++ files.Joel Sherrill1-0/+9
1999-03-17Unlimited objects patch from Chris Johns <>. Email follows:Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-02-24Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>. The following emailJoel Sherrill1-8/+19
1999-02-18Added rejected patch from automake VI from Ralf Corsepius.Joel Sherrill1-6/+9
1999-02-18Part of automake VI patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-47/+25
1999-01-19Changed definition of ASMFLAGS since as does not recognize -B optionJoel Sherrill1-1/+1
1998-12-14Patch from Ralf Corsepius <> to rename allJoel Sherrill1-8/+1
1998-09-10Patch from Chris Johns <>:Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1998-08-20Patches from Eric NorumJoel Sherrill1-7/+1
1998-08-20FreeBSD stack compiles for the first time (except libc/strsep.c)Joel Sherrill1-1/+7