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* arm/tms570: define base addresses of all TMS570LS3137 SPI interfaces.Pavel Pisa2016-10-021-1/+5
* bsp/tms570: update pinmux to provide support for initialization lists and cle...Pavel Pisa2016-10-022-65/+74
* bsp/tms570: include package balls and PINMMR registers mapping for TMS570LS31...Pavel Pisa2016-10-022-0/+700
* bsp/tms570: unite code duplication in pinmux and clean SCI close per review r...Premysl Houdek2015-11-181-0/+9
* bsp/tms570: use POM only when application image does not start at address 0.Pavel Pisa2015-11-181-2/+1
* bsp/tms570: Pinmux support and EMAC pin definition addedPremysl Houdek2015-11-181-0/+122
* bsp/tms570: EMAC control header file corrected and EMAC interrupt vector addedPremysl Houdek2015-11-184-232/+291
* bsp/tms570: skipped 32bit field definitions and corrected single bit fieldsPremysl Houdek2015-07-2036-3298/+2641
* bsp/tms570: source changes reflecting new headers.Premysl Houdek2015-07-166-178/+130
* bsp/tms570: New/generated header files for TMS570 SoC peripherals registers.Premysl Houdek2015-07-1636-0/+14323
* TMS570: Add board reset code to bsp_resetMartin Galvan2015-03-311-8/+11
* arm/tms570: sci context has to be writable because it holds state variable.Pavel Pisa2015-02-041-1/+1
* termios: Partially hide rtems_termios_ttySebastian Huber2014-10-071-0/+1
* bsp/tms570: implemented support functions to satisfy complete tests build req...Pavel Pisa2014-08-211-0/+62
* BSP for TMS570LS31x Hercules Development Kit from TI (TMS570LS3137)Premysl Houdek2014-08-208-0/+647