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include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/custom/default.cfg
# This is the actual bsp directory used during the build process.
-# The value assigned to RTEMS_CPU, RTEMS_CPU_MODEL and RTEMS_BSP get
-# #defined in targopts.h. Source code can switch on these values with #ifdef
-# to select what code to compile for a specific CPU family member and specific
-# board. The RTEMS_CPU_MODEL is also used as the name of the libcpu directory,
-# while the RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY is used as the name of the libbsp directory.
-# For the MBX860 and MBX821, the boards and processors are sufficiently
-# similar that the ports are unified and use RTEMS_CPU_MODEL=mpc8xx and
-# RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY=mbx8xx. Because there are minor differences in the CPUs
-# and the boards, it is necessary to specify them fully during the build.
-# Do a "make RTEMS_BSP=<your_board> <target>" See below for a list of valid
-# values for <your_board>.
-ifeq ($(findstring mbx821,$(RTEMS_MBX_MODEL)),mbx821)
-ifeq ($(findstring mbx860,$(RTEMS_MBX_MODEL)),mbx860)
-RTEMS_BSP = mbx860_002
-RTEMS_MBX_MODEL = mbx860_002
-endif # mbx860
-endif # mbx821
# This section makes the target dependent options file.
# Note that RTEMS_BSP matches the RTEMS_MBX_MODEL. Its value must be
@@ -68,7 +43,7 @@ endif # mbx821
# This contains the compiler options necessary to select the CPU model
# and (hopefully) optimize for it.