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-@unnumbered Preface
-The Real Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems
-(RTEMS) is designed to be portable across multiple processor
-architectures. However, the nature of real-time systems makes
-it essential that the application designer understand certain
-processor dependent implementation details. These processor
-dependencies include calling convention, board support package
-issues, interrupt processing, exact RTEMS memory requirements,
-performance data, header files, and the assembly language
-interface to the executive.
-For information on the i960CA and the i960 processor
-family in general, refer to the following documents:
-@itemize @bullet
-@item @cite{80960CA User's Manual, Intel, Order No. 270710}.
-@item @cite{32-Bit Embedded Controller Handbook, Intel, Order No. 270647}.
-@item @cite{Glenford J. Meyers and David L. Budde. The 80960
-Microprocessor Architecture. Wiley. New York. 1988}.
-@end itemize
-It is highly recommended that the i960CA RTEMS
-application developer obtain and become familiar with Intel's
-i960CA User's Manual.