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@@ -498,11 +498,12 @@ invoke the @value{BINUTILSUNTAR} @code{configure} command with the
@code{--help} option.
NOTE: The shell PATH variable needs to be updated to include the path
-the binutils has been installed in. This the prefix used above with
+the binutils user executables have been installed in. The directory
+containing the executables is the prefix used above with
@file{bin} post-fixed.
-export PATH=$PATH:@value{RTEMSPREFIX}/bin
+export PATH=@value{RTEMSPREFIX}/bin:${PATH}
@end example
Failure to have the binutils in the path will cause the GCC and NEWLIB
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@@ -20,10 +20,7 @@ placed in your @code{archive} directory.
Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}
File: @value{RTEMSTAR}
-@ifset use-html
-@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}, Download RTEMS components}
- URL: ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}
-@end ifset
+ URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}/@value{RTEMSTAR},,ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}/@value{RTEMSTAR}}
@end example
@subheading RTEMS Examples including Hello World
@@ -54,11 +51,13 @@ This creates the directory @value{RTEMSUNTAR}.
@section Add <INSTALL_POINT>/bin to Executable PATH
In order to compile RTEMS, you must have the cross compilation toolset
-in your search path. The following command appends the directory
-where the tools were installed prior to this point:
+in your search path. It is important to have the RTEMS toolset first
+in your path to ensure that you are using the intended version of all
+tools. The following command prepends the directory
+where the tools were installed in a previous step:
+export PATH=<INSTALL_POINT>/bin:${PATH}
@end example
NOTE: The above command is in Bourne shell (@code{sh}) syntax and
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@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ applications:
cd tools
-tar xzf ../archive/hello_world_ada.tgz
+tar xjf ../archive/ada-examples-@value{VERSION}.tar.bz2
@end example
@subheading Create a BSP Specific Makefile