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@@ -31,10 +31,7 @@ placed in your @code{archive} directory.
Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}
File: hello_world_c.tgz
-@ifset use-html
-@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz, Download RTEMS Hello World}
- URL: ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz
-@end ifset
+ URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz,,ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz}
@end example
@@ -134,10 +131,12 @@ This section describes how to build RTEMS.
@subsection Using the RTEMS configure Script Directly
Make a build directory under tools and build the RTEMS product in this
-directory. The ../@value{RTEMSUNTAR}/configure
+directory. The @code{../@value{RTEMSUNTAR}/configure}
command has numerous command line
arguments. These arguments are discussed in detail in documentation that
-comes with the RTEMS distribution. If you followed the procedure
+comes with the RTEMS distribution. A full list of these arguments can be
+obtained by running @code{../@value{RTEMSUNTAR}/configure --help}
+If you followed the procedure
described in the section @ref{Unarchive the RTEMS Source}, these
configuration options can be found in the file
@@ -155,7 +154,7 @@ the @code{BOARD_SUPPORT_PACKAGE} board.
mkdir build-rtems
cd build-rtems
../@value{RTEMSUNTAR}/configure --target=<TARGET_CONFIGURATION> \
- --disable-posix --disable-tcpip --disable-cxx \
+ --disable-posix --disable-networking --disable-cxx \
make all install
@@ -166,7 +165,7 @@ Where the list of currently supported <TARGET_CONFIGURATION>'s and
<INSTALL_POINT> is typically the installation point for the
-tools and is @code{/opt/rtems} when using prebuilt toolset executables.
+tools and defaults to @code{@value{RTEMSPREFIX}}.
BSP is a supported BSP for the selected CPU family. The list of
supported BSPs may be found in the file
@@ -177,4 +176,3 @@ then all supported BSPs for the selected CPU family will be built.
@b{NOTE:} The POSIX API must be enabled to use GNAT/RTEMS.
@b{NOTE:} The @code{make} utility used should be GNU make.