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@@ -15,25 +15,25 @@ This section provides pointers to the RTEMS source code and
Hello World example program. These files should be
placed in your @code{archive} directory.
-@subheading @value{RTEMS-VERSION}
+@subheading @value{RTEMSVERSION}
- FTP Site: @value{RTEMS-FTPSITE}
- Directory: @value{RTEMS-FTPDIR}
- File: @value{RTEMS-TAR}
+ FTP Site: @value{RTEMSFTPSITE}
+ Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}
+ File: @value{RTEMSTAR}
@ifset use-html
-@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMS-FTPSITE}@value{RTEMS-FTPDIR}, Download RTEMS components}
- URL: ftp://@value{RTEMS-FTPSITE}@value{RTEMS-FTPDIR}
+@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}, Download RTEMS components}
+ URL: ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}
@end ifset
@end example
@subheading RTEMS Hello World
- FTP Site: @value{RTEMS-FTPSITE}
- Directory: @value{RTEMS-FTPDIR}
+ FTP Site: @value{RTEMSFTPSITE}
+ Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}
File: hello_world_c.tgz
@ifset use-html
-@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMS-FTPSITE}@value{RTEMS-FTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz, Download RTEMS Hello World}
- URL: ftp://@value{RTEMS-FTPSITE}@value{RTEMS-FTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz
+@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz, Download RTEMS Hello World}
+ URL: ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz
@end ifset
@end example
@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@ tools directory:
cd tools
-tar xzf ../archive/@value{RTEMS-TAR}
+tar xzf ../archive/@value{RTEMSTAR}
@end example
-This creates the directory @value{RTEMS-UNTAR}.
+This creates the directory @value{RTEMSUNTAR}.
@section Add <INSTALL_POINT>/bin to Executable PATH
@@ -134,13 +134,13 @@ This section describes how to build RTEMS.
@subsection Using the RTEMS configure Script Directly
Make a build directory under tools and build the RTEMS product in this
-directory. The ../@value{RTEMS-UNTAR}/configure
+directory. The ../@value{RTEMSUNTAR}/configure
command has numerous command line
arguments. These arguments are discussed in detail in documentation that
comes with the RTEMS distribution. If you followed the procedure
described in the section @ref{Unarchive the RTEMS Source}, these
configuration options can be found in the file
@b{NOTE}: The GNAT/RTEMS run-time implementation is based on the POSIX
API. Thus the RTEMS configuration for a GNAT/RTEMS environment MUST
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ the @code{BOARD_SUPPORT_PACKAGE} board.
mkdir build-rtems
cd build-rtems
-../@value{RTEMS-UNTAR}/configure --target=<TARGET_CONFIGURATION> \
+../@value{RTEMSUNTAR}/configure --target=<TARGET_CONFIGURATION> \
--disable-posix --disable-tcpip --disable-cxx \
@@ -163,14 +163,14 @@ make all install
Where the list of currently supported <TARGET_CONFIGURATION>'s and
<BOARD_SUPPORT_PACKAGE>'s can be found in
<INSTALL_POINT> is typically the installation point for the
tools and is @code{/opt/rtems} when using prebuilt toolset executables.
BSP is a supported BSP for the selected CPU family. The list of
supported BSPs may be found in the file
in the RTEMS source tree. If the BSP parameter is not specified,
then all supported BSPs for the selected CPU family will be built.