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@chapter Makefiles
+This chapter discusses the Makefiles associated with a BSP. It does not
+describe the process of configuring, building, and installing RTEMS.
+This chapter will not provide detailed information about this process.
+Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the general process consists
+of three parts:
+@itemize @bullet
+@item configure
+@item build
+@item install
+@end itemize
+During the configure phase, a number of files are generated. These
+generated files are tailored for the specific host/target combination
+by the configure script. This set of files includes the Makefiles used
+to actually compile and install RTEMS.
+During the build phase, the source files are compiled into object files
+and libraries are built.
+During the install phase, the libraries, header files, and other support
+files are copied to the BSP specific installation point. After installation
+is successfully completed, the files generated by the configure and build
+phases may be removed.
@section Makefiles Used During The BSP Building Process
There is a file named @code{} in each directory of a BSP.
@@ -88,8 +113,8 @@ components from the CPU dependent support code library. For example,
this component may choose to use a default exception handler from the
CPU dependent support code or provide its own.
-This Makefile makes use of a neat construct in @b{GNU make} to pick
-up the required components:
+This Makefile makes use of the @code{foreach} construct in @b{GNU make}
+to pick up the required components:
BSP_PIECES=startup clock console timer