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General cleanup. Test documentation improved. The message buffer test
prints a message instead of actually testing since the message buffer implementation is not in yet.
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This file describes the directives and concepts tested by this test set.
-test set name: 2
- This test check task suspend and resume functionality.
+test set name: itrontask04
+ chg_pri cre_tsk dis_dsp ena_dsp exd_tsk frsm_tsk rot_rdq rsm_tsk
+ sta_tsk sus_tsk
- a.
+ a. This test check task suspend and resume functionality.
+ b. Verifies the suspend count works correctly.
+ c. Verifies the forced resume works correctly
+ d. Verifies the rotate ready queue works correctly
+ e. Verifies a task called with rtems suspend can be resumed
+ with an itron resume call. ( XXX - May not be necessary. )
+ This verision of ITRON does not provide a way for a task to
+ suspend itself (only another task can suspend it). Therefore,
+ the test calls rtems_task_suspend to suspend it.
+ rtems_task_wake_after calls should be replaced with itron call
+ when the ITRON functionality is finished.
+ XXX - Verify the output messages on this test. It looks like
+ the suspend count doesn't look correct. ??? Nov 10, 99
diff --git a/testsuites/itrontests/itrontask04/system.h b/testsuites/itrontests/itrontask04/system.h
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--- a/testsuites/itrontests/itrontask04/system.h
+++ b/testsuites/itrontests/itrontask04/system.h
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
#include <tmacros.h>
+#include <itron.h>
/* functions */