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2002-08-01 Joel Sherrill <>
* Per PR47 add support for buffered test output. This involved adding defines to redirect output to a buffer and dump it when full, at "test pause", and at exit. To avoid problems when redefining exit(), all tests were modified to call rtems_test_exit(). Some tests, notable psxtests, had to be modified to include the standard test macro .h file (pmacros.h or tmacros.h) to enable this support. * include/pmacros.h, psx01/task.c, psx02/init.c, psx02/task.c, psx03/init.c, psx04/init.c, psx05/init.c, psx06/init.c, psx07/init.c, psx08/task3.c, psx09/init.c, psx10/init.c, psx11/init.c, psx12/init.c, psx13/, psx13/main.c, psx13/test.c, psxcancel/init.c, psxchroot01/, psxchroot01/main.c, psxchroot01/test.c, psxfile01/, psxfile01/main.c, psxfile01/test.c, psxfile01/test_cat.c, psxfile01/test_extend.c, psxfile01/test_write.c, psxmount/, psxmount/main.c, psxmount/test.c, psxmsgq01/init.c, psxreaddir/, psxreaddir/main.c, psxreaddir/test.c, psxsem01/init.c, psxstat/, psxstat/main.c, psxstat/test.c, psxtime/main.c, psxtime/test.c, psxtimer/psxtimer.c: Modified.
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