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Removed PROJECT_HOME and CONFIG_DIR variables.
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+# Custom file for "portsw" -- AMD 29205 based board
+# $Id$
+# Specify here the host and target "architectures"
+# This is the actual bsp directory used during the build process.
+# use the inline functions instead of the macros
+# ref: src/exec/generic/Makefile
+# Need INLINE_UPCASE set to uppercase value of INLINE variable
+# ref: make/compilers/gcc-force386.cfg
+# The makefiles all use PROJECT_xxx for variables.
+# Ie: $(PROJECT_RELEASE) is the install point.
+# Externally, we think of these as "RTEMS" variables.
+# Here is where we convert from RTEMS forms to PROJECT forms
+# See also make/main.cfg, which derives some more.
+# HOST Compiler config file
+# You may also want to specify where the compiler resides here.
+CONFIG.$(HOST_ARCH).CC = $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/compilers/gcc.cfg
+## Target compiler config file, if any
+CONFIG.$(TARGET_ARCH).CC = $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/compilers/gcc-$(RTEMS_BSP).cfg
+# Use the LIBC support for CYGNUS newlib
+# RTEMS_LIBC_DIR must already be set (by module file)
+# Define this to yes if C++ is included in the development environment.
+# This requires that at least the GNU C++ compiler and libg++ be installed.
+# Need "main" in BSP so can't link C++ sample test or you will get
+# duplicate symbol errors for main
+# Define this to yes if this target supports multiprocessor environments.
+# This target does NOT support the KA9Q TCP/IP stack so ignore requests
+# to enable it.
+# Define this to yes if this target wants the posix api
+ifeq ($(RTEMS_HAS_POSIX_API),yes)
+# Miscellaneous additions go here