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authorJoel Sherrill <>2001-12-18 14:11:02 +0000
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2001-12-09 Ralf Corsepius <>
* custom/armulator.cfg: Remove make-target-options. * custom/erc32.cfg: Remove CONSOLE_USE_INTERRUPTS, SIMSPARC_FAST_IDLE (now in erc32/ * custom/leon2.cfg: Remove CONSOLE_USE_INTERRUPTS, SIMSPARC_FAST_IDLE (now in leon2/ Remove CONSOLE_USE_POLLED (Unused). * custom/mvme167.cfg: Remove CD2401_INT_LEVEL, CD2401_IO_MODE, CD2401_USE_TERMIOS (now in mvme167/ * custom/mvme162.cfg: Remove references to mvme162lx. Abandon gcc272. Remove make-target-options. * custom/mvme162lx.cfg: Add portions formerly in mvme162.cfg.
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diff --git a/make/custom/erc32.cfg b/make/custom/erc32.cfg
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--- a/make/custom/erc32.cfg
+++ b/make/custom/erc32.cfg
@@ -38,30 +38,16 @@ CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE_V=-O4
# do not have a second trap table -- use the BSP's
-# The erc32 console driver can operate in either polled or interrupt mode.
-# Under the simulator (especially when FAST_UART is defined), polled seems
-# to operate better. It is common for a task to print a line (like the
-# end of test message) and then exit. In this case, the program returns
-# control to the simulator command line before the program has even queued
-# the output to the uart. Thus sis has no chance of getting the data out.
-# SIMSPARC_FAST_IDLE (erc32_bsp)
-# If defined, speed up the clock ticks while the idle task is running so
-# time spent in the idle task is minimized. This significantly reduces
-# the wall time required to execute the RTEMS test suites.
# FPU_REVB (erc32_bsp)
# If defined, enables work-around for bug 3.14 in FPU rev.B or rev.C
-# CPU_U32_FIX (all)
+# CPU_U32_FIX (all) libchip/network/sonic.*
# Needed to align received TCP/IP packets since SPARC does not
# support unaligned memory access.
define make-target-options
@echo "#define NO_TABLE_MOVE 1" >>$@
- @echo "/* #define SIMSPARC_FAST_IDLE 1 */" >>$@
@echo "/* #define FPU_REVB 1 */" >>$@
@echo "#define CPU_U32_FIX 1" >>$@