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Fixes from Ralf Corsepius:
* Posix BSP configuration: Moved some rules from make/custom/*-posix.cfg files to make/custom/posix.cfg, Removed references to stdc++ from *posix.cfg files (rtems doesn't use/need libstdc++) NOTE: Building Posix-BSPs should now work again for native compilation with gcc, i..e. linux using primary compiler and primary libc. All Posix-BSP configurations that don't use gcc as primary compiler or don't use the primary libc don't work, e.g. solaris, linux w/ egcs as secondary compiler won't be built correctly.
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diff --git a/make/custom/HPUX9-posix.cfg b/make/custom/HPUX9-posix.cfg
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--- a/make/custom/HPUX9-posix.cfg
+++ b/make/custom/HPUX9-posix.cfg
@@ -90,27 +90,6 @@ else
# Miscellaneous additions go here
-# Setting formerly contained in gcc-hpux9.cfg
-# Not applicable - let's override 'em
-# Here is the rule to actually build a $(ARCH)/foo.exe
-# It also builds $(ARCH)/ and $(ARCH)/foo.nm
-# Usage ref: src/tests/sptest/sp1/Makefile
-# 'NODE' is set to 1 or 2 for multi cpu tests (ref: mptests/mp01/node1/Makefile)
-# If NODE is set as an environment variable, don't trust it, zero it out.
-# (NODE turns out to be a very common environment variable)
-ifeq (,$(NODE))
-ifeq "$(origin NODE)" "environment"
# Workaround for missing ranlib support in RTEMS
MKLIB=$(AR) s $(@) ; echo library is complete: