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Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:
Here is another fix, which addresses a few more or less severe bugs in configuration and unix/posix: * Configuration fix: c/src/lib/ didn't handle RDBG correctly * Configuration fix: make depend was non-functional in c/src/lib/libc/ * Configuration fix: stray comment removed from aclocal/target.m4 * RTEMS fix: termios support for unix/posix now uses the host's headers only (was completely broken). - Don't install RTEMS's newlib sys/termios.h for unix (sys/termios.h apparently is a newlib specific header) - To be able to compile RTEMS's termios.c with glibc2.1, glibc-2.1 needs __USE_MISC, which is a private define from gcc's features.h, being defined only when _BSD_SOURCE of _SVID_SOURCE is defined. RTEMS's termios apparently implements BSD, thus -D_BSD_SOURCE was added to Linux-posix.cfg. - Conflicting definitions for __USE_MISC and _BSD_SOURCE inside of RTEMS codes removed due to definition of _BSD_SOURCE on the toplevel. This fix has been tested with linux/posix (primary glibc2.1 native), linux/posix (secondary libc5 native), sh/gensh1, i386/pc386 and a couple of other bsp's/CPU. To apply: cd <srcdir> patch -p1 < rtems-rc-19990709-9.diff and aclocal -I aclocal && automake && autoconf cd c/src/lib; autoconf or ./autogen
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