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@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ manuals.
General Issues
-Need a Roadmap
+May need a Documentation Roadmap - for now, the "Where to
+go from here" chapter in Getting Started is it.
Need a description of hello world and writing an application.
@@ -20,19 +21,11 @@ Redraw pictures as appropriate in open source tools
Getting Started (C and Ada versions)
-Produce PDF
+Switch back to using @url{} when pdf generation error is fixed.
Classic Users Guide
-Add Primitive Data Types Chapter
-Add descriptions for confdefs.h macros in configuring a system
-Add defaults for all confdefs.h values.
-Replace example configuration
+May need to enhance descriptions in Primitive Data Types Chapter
POSIX User Notes
@@ -60,7 +53,6 @@ The last paragraph of "C Suites" is vague and could
be written better. It should include the subdirectory
names as part of the textual description.
Should this documentation even use the phrase "C Implementation"
any longer?
@@ -76,11 +68,6 @@ Update this section to include discussion of the shared
subdirectory and its relationship to the BSPs. Write this
in such a way that it can be passed on to Geoffroy Montel.
-Include a better discussion of the subdirectories
-under each BSP. This can be a starting point for
-Geoffroy Montel. The sample tests also deserve mention
-in a BSP development guide.
In the section, "Test Suite Source Directory", there is a
numeric count of the number of tests in each suite. This
should be eliminated for maintenance purposes.