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Added information on the location where the tools are installed.
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@@ -48,6 +48,16 @@ rpm -i rtems-base-gdb-4.18-2.i386.rpm
rpm -i sparc-rtems-gdb-4.18-2.i386.rpm
@end example
+Upon successful completion of the above command sequence, a
+C/C++ cross development toolset targetting the SPARC is
+installed in @code{/opt/rtems}. In order to use this toolset,
+the directory @code{/opt/rtems/bin} must be included in your
+NOTE: This process does not install RTEMS itself, only the tools
+required to build RTEMS. See @ref{Building RTEMS} for the next
+step in the process.
@section Removing RPMs
The following is a sample session illustrating the removal