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@section Are there any mailing lists?
-The primary RTEMS mailing list is @code{}. You
-can subscribe by sending a message with the word @b{subscribe rtems-list}
-as the body to @code{}.
+The primary RTEMS mailing list is @code{}. This
+list is for general RTEMS discussions, questions, design help, advice,
+etc.. Subscribe by sending an empty mail
+message to @code{}. This
+mailing list is archived at:
+@end example
+The @code{} mailing list is for those
+interested in taking a more active role in the design, development,
+and maintenance of RTEMS. Discussions on this list tend to focus
+on problems in the development source, design of new features, problem
+reports, etc.. Subscribe by sending an empty mail
+message to @code{}.
+mailing list is archived at:
+@end example
+The archives for both mailing lists include discussions back
+to 1997.
@section Are there any license restrictions?
@@ -174,17 +195,4 @@ place restrictions on the application.
-@section RTEMS Mailing List
-@end example
-This mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of issues related
-to RTEMS, including GNAT/RTEMS. If you have questions about RTEMS,
-wish to make suggestions, or just want to pick up hints, this is a
-good list to subscribe to. Subscribe by sending an empty mail
-message to Messages sent
-to are posted to the list.