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More information on what symbolic information is for and
how to get it from a file other thatn the executable.
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@@ -54,6 +54,19 @@ In this case, it is not uncommon to see executable files
that are between two and three times larger than the actual
space required in target memory.
+Remember, the debugging information is required to do symbolic
+debugging with gdb. Normally gdb obtains its symbolic information
+from the same file that it gets the executable image from. However,
+gdb does not require that the executable image and symbolic
+information be obtained from the same file. So you might
+want to create a @code{hello_with_symbols.exe}, copy that
+file to @code{hello_without_symbols.exe}, and strip
+@code{hello_without_symbols.exe}. Then gdb would have to
+be told to read symbol information from @code{hello_with_symbols.exe}.
+The gdb command line option @code{-symbols} or command
+@code{symbol-file} may be used to specify the file read
+for symbolic information.
@section Malloc