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score: Simplify _Thread_Change_priority()
The function to change a thread priority was too complex. Simplify it with a new scheduler operation. This increases the average case performance due to the simplified logic. The interrupt disabled critical section is a bit prolonged since now the extract, update and enqueue steps are executed atomically. This should however not impact the worst-case interrupt latency since at least for the Deterministic Priority Scheduler this sequence can be carried out with a wee bit of instructions and no loops. Add _Scheduler_Change_priority() to replace the sequence of - _Thread_Set_transient(), - _Scheduler_Extract(), - _Scheduler_Enqueue(), and - _Scheduler_Enqueue_first(). Delete STATES_TRANSIENT, _States_Is_transient() and _Thread_Set_transient() since this state is now superfluous. With this change it is possible to get rid of the SCHEDULER_SMP_NODE_IN_THE_AIR state. This considerably simplifies the implementation of the new SMP locking protocols.
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A special low priority task which assumes
control of the CPU when no other task is able to execute.
-@item in the air task
-A task is @dfn{in the air} if it is in a transient state and has a processor
-assigned. The next scheduler operation will turn it into a blocked, ready or
-scheduled task. This state is specific to SMP configurations.
@item interface
A specification of the methodology used
to connect multiple independent subsystems.