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-@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2002.
+@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2010.
@c On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
@c All rights reserved.
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ essentials for performing a setup of the following items:
@itemize @bullet
@item GNU Cross Compilation Tools for RTEMS on your build-host system
@item RTEMS OS for the target
-@item GDB Debugger
+@item GNU Debugger (GDB)
@end itemize
The remainder of this chapter provides background information on real-time
@@ -159,31 +159,17 @@}
-This mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of issues related
-to RTEMS, including GNAT/RTEMS. If you have questions about RTEMS,
-wish to make suggestions, or just want to pick up hints, this is a
-good list to monitor. Subscribe by sending an empty mail message to
-Messages sent to @uref{mailto:@value{RTEMSUSERS},@value{RTEMSUSERS}}
-are posted to the list.
-@subsection CrossGCC Mailing List
-This mailing list is dedicated to the use of the GNU tools in
-cross development environments. Most of the discussions
-focus on embedded issues. Information on subscribing
-to this mailing list is included in the
-@uref{,CrossGCC FAQ}.
-The CrossGCC FAQ and Wiki are are available
-at @uref{,}.
+This is the primary mailing list for the discussion of issues
+related to RTEMS, including GNAT/RTEMS. If you have questions
+about RTEMS, wish to make suggestions, track development efforts,
+or just want to pick up hints, this is a good list to monitor.
+If you would like to browse the thousands of messages in the fifteen
+year archive of the mailing list or subscribe to it, please visit
+@uref{,} for
+more information,
@subsection GCC Mailing Lists
The GCC Project is hosted at @uref{,}.
They maintain multiple mailing lists that are described at the web site
along with subscription information.