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@@ -19,8 +19,7 @@ dirs:
COMMON_FILES=../common/cpright.texi ../common/setup.texi
- intro.t swarch.t started.t commands.t trouble.t example.t
+ intro.texi swarch.texi started.texi commands.texi trouble.texi example.texi
@@ -63,30 +62,30 @@ clean:
intro.texi: intro.t Makefile
$(BMENU) -p "Top" \
-u "Top" \
- -n "" ${*}.t
+ -n "Software Architecture" ${*}.t
swarch.texi: swarch.t Makefile
- $(BMENU) -p "Top" \
+ $(BMENU) -p "Introduction" \
-u "Top" \
- -n "" ${*}.t
+ -n "Getting Started" ${*}.t
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- $(BMENU) -p "Top" \
+ $(BMENU) -p "Software Architecture" \
-u "Top" \
- -n "" ${*}.t
+ -n "Commands" ${*}.t
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- $(BMENU) -p "Top" \
+ $(BMENU) -p "Getting Started Attaching To The System" \
-u "Top" \
- -n "" ${*}.t
+ -n "Troubleshooting" ${*}.t
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- $(BMENU) -p "Top" \
+ $(BMENU) -p "Commands Thread control" \
-u "Top" \
- -n "" ${*}.t
+ -n "Debug Session Example" ${*}.t
example.texi: example.t Makefile
- $(BMENU) -p "Top" \
+ $(BMENU) -p "Troubleshooting Debug server not present" \
-u "Top" \
-n "" ${*}.t
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@c $Id$
-@section Commands
+@chapter Commands
The usual GDB commands are available to display or modify data structures and
machine registers, disassemble code, display source listings, set and reset
@@ -18,26 +18,26 @@ for multi-threaded debugging within a RTEMS host-target environment. These comma
are described in this section.
-@subsection Host-target connection control
+@section Host-target connection control
+@itemize @bullet
@item (gdb) setrpcmode sun : specifies the SUN RPC type.
@item (gdb) setdaemontype rdbg : specifies the RDBG debug server type.
@item (gdb) target rtems target-name : specifies the target type.
@end itemize
-@subsection System status information
+@section System status information
+@itemize @bullet
@item (gdb) info threads : gives a list of all threads in the debuggee,
their names, identifiers and states. It also indicates which thread is
the target thread.
@end itemize
-@subsection Thread control
+@section Thread control
+@itemize @bullet
@item (gdb) thread target [id] : allows the user to get/set the target thread.
The argument id is either the thread's symbolic name or its local identifier.
@item (gdb) thread detach [id...] : all stops (breakpoints) of some specified
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@c $Id$
-@section Debug Session Example
+@chapter Debug Session Example
GNU gdb 4.17
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@@ -16,3 +16,7 @@ This paper documents @b{only} the RTEMS/GDB extensions to GNU
GDB 4.17, as well as its use in the RTEMS environment. The reader is assumed
to be familiar with GNU GDB.
+The RTEMS project would like to thank Emmanuel Raguet (
+and Eric Valette ( of the Canon Research Centre
+France S.A. for developing and documenting RTEMS/GDB and submitting it.
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@@ -64,43 +64,25 @@ END-INFO-DIR-ENTRY
@c The alternative is to rework a sentence to avoid this problem.
@include intro.texi
-@include target.texi
-@include makefiles.texi
-@include linkcmds.texi
-@include support.texi
-@include init.texi
-@include console.texi
-@include clock.texi
-@include timer.texi
-@include rtc.texi
-@include nvmem.texi
-@include network.texi
-@include shmsupp.texi
-@include analog.texi
-@include discrete.texi
+@include swarch.texi
+@include started.texi
+@include commands.texi
+@include trouble.texi
+@include example.texi
@node Top, Introduction, (dir), (dir)
@top rtems_gdb
-This is the online version of the Getting Started with RTEMS for C/C++ Users.
+This is the online version of the RTEMS/GDB User's Guide.
* Introduction::
-* Target Dependent Files::
-* Makefiles::
-* Linker Script::
-* Miscellaneous Support Files::
-* Initialization Code::
-* Console Driver::
-* Clock Driver::
-* Timer Driver::
-* Real-Time Clock Driver::
-* Networking Driver::
-* Non-Volatile Memory Driver::
-* Shared Memory Support Driver::
-* Analog Driver::
-* Discrete Driver::
+* Software Architecture::
+* Getting Started::
+* Commands::
+* Troubleshooting::
+* Debug Session Example::
@end menu
@c * Command and Variable Index::
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@@ -7,32 +7,28 @@
-@section Getting Started
+@chapter Getting Started
This section describes the steps which are necessary to set up a
debugging session with RTEMS/GDB.
-@subsection Compiling The System Components
+@section Compiling The System Components
The components that need to be debugged have to be compiled with the -g option
in order the generated file to contain the required information for the debug
-@subsection Starting a debugging session
+@section Starting a debugging session
After having launched GDB, the user must connect to the RTEMS target with the
following commands:
(gdb) setrpcmode sun
(gdb) setdaemontype rdbg
(gdb) target rtems target-name
@end example
Then he can use the file GDB command to specify the binary to be debugged.
@@ -42,7 +38,7 @@ file. Each time, the user will launch GDB, it will execute this initialization
-@subsection Attaching To The System
+@section Attaching To The System
The entire target system is viewed as a single multi-threaded process,
the identifier of which is 1. To attach, use:
diff --git a/doc/rtems_gdb/trouble.t b/doc/rtems_gdb/trouble.t
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+++ b/doc/rtems_gdb/trouble.t
@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@
-@section Troubleshooting
+@chapter Troubleshooting
This section describes symptoms in some situations where the debugger does not
work correctly, and it gives guidelines for resolving the problems encountered.
-@subsection Target machine name unknown on the host
+@section Target machine name unknown on the host
RTEMS/GDB fails to connect to target machine named my_target:
@@ -28,17 +28,15 @@ host address.
Internet number of machine my_target in the file /etc/hosts on your host machine. }
-@subsection{Debug server not present
+@section Debug server not present
The target rtems command fails:
-(gdb) target rtems my\_target
+(gdb) target rtems my_target
Attaching remote machine across net... RPC timed out. Couldn't connect
to remote target
@end example