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Patch rtemsdoc-4.5.0-rc-8.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>.
Ralf's comments follow: Changes: * Enhanced versioning: - Addition of automake's version.texi support - Replacement of rtemsdoc's former versioning support by automake's versioning support (Abandoning RTEMS-UPDATE-* etc.) - Abandoning - Add EDITION to each documents - version.texi support in - Addition of maintainer mode (currently only used to prevent incorrectly updating timestamps when users touch automake's version.texi timestamp files (stamp-vti)). * Fixing info dir support - Use texinfo's @dircategory and @direntry instead of infos *-DIR-ENTRY - $(infodir)/dir is now correctly set up * Avoid using temporary files - Pipe texts through REPLACE2 into BMENU2 instead of using temporary files. - Abandon using bmenu in favor of bmenu2 (bmenu could be removed now) * Prepare Makefile.ams for building in a separate buildtree - prefix files with $(srcdir) in for files which must be generated inside of the source tree Notes: * rtemsdoc can not yet be build in a separate source-tree, but we are very close to it. * You as the maintainer of this package now should always use --enable-maintainer-mode to configure rtemsdoc.
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@@ -19,27 +19,20 @@
@c Master file for the Getting Started (C) Guide
+@include version.texi
@include ../common/setup.texi
-* RTEMS Remote Debugger Server Specifications (rgdb_specs):
-@end format
-@end ifinfo
-@end ignore
+@ifset use-ascii
+@dircategory RTEMS On-Line Manual
+* RTEMS Remote Debugger Server Specifications: (rgdb_specs).
+@end direntry
+@end ifset
@c Title Page Stuff
-@set edition @value{RTEMS-EDITION}
-@set version @value{RTEMS-VERSION}
-@set update-date @value{RTEMS-UPDATE-DATE}
-@set update-month @value{RTEMS-UPDATE-MONTH}
@c I don't really like having a short title page. --joel
@@ -51,9 +44,9 @@ END-INFO-DIR-ENTRY
@title RTEMS Remote Debugger Server Specifications
-@subtitle Edition @value{edition}, for @value{version}
+@subtitle Edition @value{EDITION}, for @value{VERSION}
@sp 1
-@subtitle @value{update-month}
+@subtitle @value{UPDATED}
@author Emmanuel Raguet and Eric Valette, Canon Research Centre
@author On-Line Applications Research Corporation