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@end example
+@section CPU Context Validation
+The test case @code{sptests/spcontext01} ensures that the context switching and
+interrupt processing works. This test uses two support functions provided by
+the CPU port. These two functions are only used for this test and have no
+other purpose.
+void _CPU_Context_volatile_clobber( uintptr_t pattern );
+void _CPU_Context_validate( uintptr_t pattern );
+@end example
+The @code{_CPU_Context_volatile_clobber()} function clobbers all volatile
+registers with values derived from the pattern parameter. This makes sure that
+the interrupt prologue code restores all volatile registers of the interrupted
+The @code{_CPU_Context_validate()} function initializes and validates the CPU
+context with values derived from the pattern parameter. This function will not
+return if the CPU context remains consistent. In case this function returns
+the CPU port is broken. The test uses two threads which concurrently validate
+the CPU context with a different patterns for each thread. This ensures that
+the context switching code works.
@section Processor Endianness
Endianness refers to the order in which numeric values are stored in