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Updated the STATUS CODE section for the truncate routine.
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@@ -41,10 +41,10 @@ The directives provided by the files and directories manager are:
@item @code{chown} - Changes the owner and/ or group of a file
@item @code{utime} - Change access and/or modification times of an inode
@item @code{ftruncate} - Truncate a file to a specified length
-@itme @code{truncate} - Truncate a file to a specified length
+@item @code{truncate} - Truncate a file to a specified length
@item @code{pathconf} - Gets configuration values for files
@item @code{fpathconf} - Get configuration values for files
-@itme @code{mknod} - Create a directory
+@item @code{mknod} - Create a directory
@end itemize
@section Background
@@ -1390,14 +1390,34 @@ long getdents(
@subheading STATUS CODES:
+on sucess, the number of bytes read is returned. On end of directory,
+0 is returned. On error, -1 is returned, and @code{errno} is set
@table @b
-@item E
+@item EBADF
+Invalid file descriptor @code{fd}.
+@item EFAULT
+Argument points outside the calling process's address space.
+@item EINVAL
+Result buffer is too small.
+@item ENOENT
+No such directory.
+@item ENOTDIR
+File descriptor does not refer to a directory.
@end table
@subheading DESCRIPTION:
+@code{getdents} reads several @code{dirent} structures from the directory
+pointed by @code{fd} into the memory area pointed to by @code{dirp}. The
+parameter @code{count} is the size of the memory area.
@subheading NOTES: