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-@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2002.
-@c On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
-@c All rights reserved.
-@c $Id$
-@chapter Process Dump Control Manager
-@section Introduction
-The process dump control manager provides a portable
-interface for changing the path to which a process dump
-is written. The capabilities in this manager were defined in
-the POSIX 1003.1h/D3 proposed standard titled @b{Services for Reliable,
-Available, and Serviceable Systems}.
-The directives provided by the process dump control manager are:
-@itemize @bullet
-@item @code{dump_setpath} - Dump File Control
-@end itemize
-@section Background
-There is currently no text in this section.
-@section Operations
-There is currently no text in this section.
-@section Directives
-This section details the process dump control manager's directives.
-A subsection is dedicated to each of this manager's directives
-and describes the calling sequence, related constants, usage,
-and status codes.
-@subsection dump_setpath - Dump File Control
-@subheading CALLING SEQUENCE:
-@ifset is-C
-#include <dump.h>
-int dump_setpath(
- const char *path
-@end example
-@end ifset
-@ifset is-Ada
-@end ifset
-@subheading STATUS CODES:
-@table @b
-@item EACESS
-Search permission is denied for a component of the path prefix,
-or write permission is denied on the directory containing the
-The length of the argument exceeds @code{PATH_MAX} or a pathname
-component is longer than @code{NAME_MAX} while @code{_POSIX_NO_TRUNC}
-is in effect.
-@item ENOENT
-The path argument points to an empty string.
-@item ENOTDIR
-A component of the path prefix is not a directory.
-@item EROFS
-The directory entry specified resides on a read-only file system.
-@end table
-@subheading DESCRIPTION:
-The @code{dump_setpath()} function defines the pathname where process
-dumps are written. The pathname pointed to by @code{path} defines
-where a process dump file is written if the calling process
-terminates with a dump file. The @code{path} argument does not
-name a directory.
-If the @code{path} argument is NULL, the system does not write a
-process dump file if the calling process terminates with a dump
-file. If the @code{dump_setpath} function fails, the pathname for
-writing process dumps does not change.
-@subheading NOTES:
-The @code{_POSIX_DUMP} feature flag is defined to indicate
-this service is available.