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@c %**start of header
-@setfilename posix_users_new
+@setfilename new_chapters
@syncodeindex vr fn
@synindex ky cp
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-* RTEMS Posix API User's Guide: (posix_users). Posix API User's Guide Plan
+* New Chapters: (new_chapters). Miscellaneous New Chapters
@end format
@end ifinfo
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@c I don't really like having a short title page. --joel
-@c @shorttitlepage RTEMS POSIX API User's Guide
+@c @shorttitlepage New Chapters
@setchapternewpage odd
-@settitle RTEMS POSIX API User's Guide
+@settitle New Chapters
-@title RTEMS POSIX API User's Guide
+@title New Chapters
@subtitle Edition @value{edition}, for RTEMS @value{version}
@sp 1
@subtitle @value{update-month}
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@c This prevents a black box from being printed on "overflow" lines.
@c The alternative is to rework a sentence to avoid this problem.
-@include preface.texi
-@include process.texi
-@include signal.texi
-@include procenv.texi
-@include files.texi
-@include io.texi
-@include device.texi
-@include cspecific.texi
-@include systemdb.texi
-@include semaphores.texi
-@include mutex.texi
-@include cond.texi
-@include memorymgmt.texi
-@include sched.texi
-@include clock.texi
-@include message.texi
-@include thread.texi
-@include key.texi
-@include cancel.texi
@include eventlog.texi
@include dumpcontrol.texi
@include confspace.texi
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This is the online version of the RTEMS POSIX API User's Guide
-* Preface::
-* Process Creation and Execution Manager::
-* Signal Manager::
-* Process Environment Manager::
-* Files and Directories Manager::
-* Input and Output Primitives Manager::
-* Device- and Class- Specific Functions Manager::
-* Language-Specific Services for the C Programming Language Manager::
-* System Databases Manager::
-* Semaphores Manager::
-* Mutex Manager::
-* Condition Variable Manager::
-* Memory Management Manager::
-* Scheduler Manager::
-* Clock Manager::
-* Message Passing Manager::
-* Thread Manager::
-* Key Manager::
-* Thread Cancellation Manager::
* Event Logging Manager::
* Process Dump Control Manager::
* Configuration Space Manager::