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+@chapter Pathname Evaluation
+XXX Include graphic of the path evaluation process with Jennifer's explanations
+? There are two pathname evaluation routines. The handler patheval() is called to find,
+verify privlages on and return information on a node that exists. The handler
+evalformake() is called to find, verify permissions, and return information on a node
+that is to become a parent. Additionally, evalformake() returns a pointer to the start
+of the name of the new node to be created.
+? Pathname evaluation is specific to a file system
+? Mechanics of crossing a mount point during the evaluation of a path name
+? Role of rtems_filesystem_location_info_t structure
+? Finding file system node information
+? Finding file system node handlers
+? Finding file system node operations table
+? Finding mount table entry for the file system that this node is part of