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Added information on hardware to aid in debugging. Primarily this is
information on gdb and bdm for the MPC8xx, MC683xx, and ColdFire.
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@section MC683xx BDM Support for GDB
-@section MC683xx BDM Support for GDB
+Eric Norum ( wrote a driver for a parallel
+port interface to a BDM module. He and Chris John (
+have put together a package containing everything you need to
+use this. From the README: "This
+package contains everything you need to be able to run GDB on
+Linux and control a Motorola CPU32+ (68360) or Coldfire (5206) target
+through a standard PC parallel port." Information on this is
+available at the following URL:
+The efi332 project has a home-built BDM module and gdb driver for
+Linux. See
+for details.
+Huntsville Microsystems (HMI) has GDB support for their BDM module
+available upon request. It is also available from their ftp site:
+The Macraigor OCD BDM module has a driver for Linux
+written by Gunter Magin (
+No URLs yet.
+Information in this section from:
+@itemize @bullet
+@item Brendan Simon <>
+@item W Gerald Hicks <>
+@item Chris Johns <>
+@item Eric Norum <>
+@end itemize
@section MPC8xx BDM Support for GDB
+Christian Haan <> has written a driver for FreeBSD
+based for"a slightly changed ICD BDM module (because of changes
+in the BDM interface on the PowerPC)" that "probably will work with
+the PD module too." His work is based on the M68K BDM work by
+Gunter Magin ( and
+the PPC BDM for Linux work by Sergey Drazhnikov (
+This is not yet publicly available.
+Sergey Drazhnikov ( has written a PPC BDM driver for
+Linux. Information is available at
+Huntsville Microsystems (HMI) has GDB support for their BDM module
+available upon request. It is also available from their ftp site:
+GDB includes support for a set of primitives to support the Macraigor
+Wiggler (OCD BDM). Unfortunately, this requires the use of a
+proprietary interface and is supported only on Windows. This forces
+one to use CYGWIN. Reports are that this results in a slow
+interface. Scott Howard ( has announced
+that support for the gdb+wiggler combination under DJGPP which should
+run significantly faster.
+@itemize @bullet
+@item Leon Pollak <>
+@item Christian Haan <>
+@end itemize