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+@node BSP Questions, What is a BSP?, , Top
+@chapter BSP Questions
+* What is a BSP?::
+* What has to be in a BSP?::
+@end menu
+@end ifinfo
+The items in this category provide answers to questions
+commonly asked about BSPs.
+@node What is a BSP?, What has to be in a BSP?, BSP Questions, BSP Questions
+@section What is a BSP?
+BSP is an acronym for Board Support Package.
+A BSP is a collection of device drivers, startup code, linker scripts,
+and compiler support files (specs files) that tailor RTEMS for a
+particular target hardware environment.
+@node What has to be in a BSP?, , What is a BSP?, BSP Questions
+@section What has to be in a BSP?
+The basic set of items is the linker script, bsp_specs, and startup code.
+If you want standard IO, then you need a console driver. This is needed
+to run any of the RTEMS tests. If you want to measure passage of time,
+you need a clock tick driver. This driver is needed for all RTEMS tests
+EXCEPT hello world and the timing tests. The timer driver is a benchmark
+timer and is needed for the tmtests (timing tests). Sometimes you will
+see a shmsupp directory which is for shared memory multiprocessing
+systems. The network driver and real-time clock drivers are optional
+and not required by any RTEMS tests.