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Spelling and grammar fixes in source code comments (GCI 2018)
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diff --git a/cpukit/score/cpu/no_cpu/include/rtems/score/cpu.h b/cpukit/score/cpu/no_cpu/include/rtems/score/cpu.h
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--- a/cpukit/score/cpu/no_cpu/include/rtems/score/cpu.h
+++ b/cpukit/score/cpu/no_cpu/include/rtems/score/cpu.h
@@ -437,7 +437,7 @@ extern Context_Control_fp _CPU_Null_fp_context;
* by hardware or the interrupt processing code. These variables contain
* pointers to the lowest and highest addresses in the chunk of memory
* allocated for the interrupt stack. Since it is unknown whether the stack
- * grows up or down (in general), this give the CPU dependent code the option
+ * grows up or down (in general), this gives the CPU dependent code the option
* of picking the version it wants to use.
* Port Specific Information: