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This is the initial addition of the port of RTEMS to the
Hitachi H8 family. This port was done by Philip Quaife <> of Q Solutions and sponsored by Comnet Technologies Ltd. The port was done based on RTEMS 3.5.1 to a Hitach H8300H. The port was updated to RTEMS 4.5 style Makefiles/configure by Joel Sherrill <>. While doing this Joel added support for the h8300-rtems to binutils, gcc, newlib, and gdb. NOTE: Philip submitted a BSP for a Hitachi evaluation board which is being merged as a separate entity.
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+# $Id$
+This port was done by Philip Quaife <> of Q Solutions
+using RTEMS 3.5.1 under DOS and Hiview. Philip used an H8300H
+to develop and test this port.
+It was updated to 4.5 and merged into the main development trunk
+by Joel Sherrill <>. As part of the merger, the
+port was made to conditionally compile for the H8, H8300H, and H8300S
+The status of each CPU subfamily is as follows.
+H8 - Although RTEMS compiles with for these CPUs, it does not
+ truly support them. All code that will not work on these
+ CPUs is conditionally disabled. These CPUs have a 16-bit
+ address space. Thus although a port is technically
+ feasible, some work will to be performed on RTEMS to
+ further minimize its footprint and address pointer
+ manipulation issues.
+H8H - Port was developed on this class of H8 so there should be
+ no problems.
+H8S - Port should work on this class of H8 but it is untested.
+28 June 2000