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2003-08-17 Ralf Corsepius <>
* aclocal/bsp-alias.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonical-host.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonicalize-tools.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonical-target-name.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-cpu.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-custom-bsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-itron.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-multiprocessing.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-networking.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-posix.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-tool.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/config-subdirs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-bare.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-itron.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-networking.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-posix.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-rtemsbsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-tests.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/env-rtemsbsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-pipe.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-specs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/multilib.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/path-ksh.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/prog-cc.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/prog-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/project-root.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/quoting.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-cpu-subdirs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-flags.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-top.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/target.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/tool-paths.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/version.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal).
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diff --git a/c/src/tests/aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4 b/c/src/tests/aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4
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index 0000000000..c230508208
--- /dev/null
+++ b/c/src/tests/aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+dnl $Id$
+dnl Check whether the gcc accepts -isystem
+AC_CACHE_CHECK(whether $CC accepts -isystem,rtems_cv_gcc_isystem,
+if test x"$GCC" = x"yes"; then
+cat << EOF > conftest.h
+int conftest123();
+cat << EOF > conftest.c
+#include <conftest.h>
+int conftest123() {}
+ if test -z "`${CC} -isystem./ -c conftest.c 2>&1`";then
+ rtems_cv_gcc_isystem=yes
+ fi
+rm -f conftest*