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+# $Id$
+The files in this directory are not considered the "primary" source
+of inlined routines for RTEMS. The "inline" directory contains
+the implementations of the inlined basis which are regularly
+tested. In general, an effort is made to keep the contents of
+this directory up to date but testing is only performed irregularly
+and even then it is usually with a single target processor and BSP.
+The primary purpose of the code in this directory is to insure
+that RTEMS can be compiled using a C compiler which does not support
+static inline routines.
+These were last successfully tested on 2/1/95 on a prerelease version
+of 3.2.0. The testing was done only on the Force CPU386 i386 target board.
+No testing was done on version of the code in the final release.