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@@ -36,16 +36,6 @@ will go to a file rather than the screen.
The go32 debuggers get confused by the relocated stacks used by tasks,
and tend to crash when variables are inspected.
-make directory
-gcc-go32.cfg is used for cross compiling to the go32 environment under RTEMS,
-while djgcc.cfg is used for "native" compilation; i.e. under MSDOS rather
-than under RTEMS. The difference is that "native" compilation uses the djgpp
-I/O libraries, while "cross" compilation uses the RTEMS I/O libraries.
-djgcc.cfg is identical to gcc.cfg, except for the omission of the -pipe
djgcc include files
In general, we use RTEMS include files because these contain the proper
@@ -53,23 +43,17 @@ declarations for the libc, and in particular, the stdio functions.
When calling go32-specific functions it is necessary to include some
djgpp include files, as well. Unfortunately, there are some disagreements
between RTEMS and djgpp as to how certain functions and types are
-declared. In these cases, I have modified to RTEMS source to special-
-case the differences.
-cpu-specific files
-rtems/c/src/exec/cpu/i80386 is intended to contain 386-specific
-functions for RTEMS. Since under djgpp we do not have *complete*
-control of the processor, we must cooperate with the djgpp runtime
-environment, this directory cannot be shared between the go32 port
-and other 386 BSPs.
+declared. In these cases, the RTEMS source have been modified to
+special-case the differences.
-* F12 will immediately abort the program.
-See libbsp/i80386/go32/iosupp/inch.c.
+* Pressing F12 will immediately abort the program.
+See lib/libbsp/i386/go32/console/inch.c.
+* lib/libbsp/i386/go32/timer uses the on-board timer chip by default,
+which has a resolution of about 1 microsecond. However, if executing
+on a Pentium processor you can use the on-chip 64-bit cycle counter,
+which counts at whatever clock rate your processor runs at. To enable
+this, set RTEMS_CPU_MODEL=pentium in make/custom/go32.cfg.
-* libbsp/i80386/go32/timer uses the on-board timer chip by default.
-However, if executing on a Pentium processor you can use the on-chip
-64-bit cycle counter, which counts at whatever clock rate your processor
-runs at. To use this, compile with -DPENTIUM