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2000-10-24 Alan Cudmore <> and
Joel Sherrill <> * This is a major reworking of the mips64orion port to use gcc predefines as much as possible and a big push to multilib the mips port. The mips64orion port was copied/renamed to mips to be more like other GNU tools. Alan did most of the technical work of determining how to map old macro names used by the mips64orion port to standard compiler macro definitions. Joel did the merge with CVS magic to keep individual file history and did the BSP modifications. Details follow: * Made clock and timer subdirectories conditional. * Ditto. * clock/clock.S: Switch from using <idtmon.h> to <asm.h>. * clock/gettime.S: Switch from using <idtmon.h> to <asm.h>.
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