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2006-06-23 Worth Burruss <>
*, README, startup/init5235.c, startup/linkcmds, startup/linkcmdsflash, startup/linkcmdsram: Modify to the mcf5235 eval boards to either load and run from ram using the dBug moniter as the boot deviced (Board setup as shipped from the factory), or it allows the user to Boot his code from flash he loads onto the eval board. The code changes between the two are based on the selected linker script using a variable in the script. The options to the linker are used to override the default linker script and select which options to configure at boot either from flash, or from ram: -qnolinkcmds -T linkcmdsflash If no options are given the standard linker sript assumes dBug was used to set up the board and the user is going to load his program to RAM.
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