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Added information on the MC68681.
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@@ -12,6 +12,18 @@ cables which were plugged into DB-25 or DB-9 adapters wired as described.
Matching the colors of the wires in the shell is the easiest way to
make sure the cable is built properly.
+The board is configured as follows:
+ - An MC68681 is the first two serial ports. These are RS-232 and may
+ be accessed via the front panel or the P2. The front panel connector
+ has both A and B serial ports on a single connector. DY-4 part number
+ "OBYC3ASSY901132-000 Rev-" brings these ports out to two DB-25
+ female connectors.
+ - The MC68681 serial ports are also accessible on the P2 connector.
+ DY-4 part number "OBYC3ASSY901080-004 Rev A" brings these out
+ to DB-9 female connectors. These were not used in this effort.
@@ -19,8 +31,6 @@ References
- DY-4 Documentation
Front Panel RS-232 Connection to a PC