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#  $Id$

Misc. support tools for RTEMS workspaces.
More will be added later as they are converted from Teamware
to CVS.

    Smart install script that also can append suffixes as it
    installs (suffixes used for debug and profile variants).
    Requires bash or ksh.

    deletes all files from the current directory that can be
    re-created from RCS.  Careful to not delete locked files.
    May be used by 'gmake clobber'

    traverse a directory structure making it unwritable.
    Useful to keep people from accidentally overwriting
    "released" trees if they get confused about which
    module they have loaded.

    glom together all the rtems libraries in order to simplify
    the link line used by applications.
    Produces rtems.rel.
    Not used by the RTEMS src tree at all.
    Strictly optional.